Judith Duff Pottery

Wood Fired and Shino Ceramics


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  Natural Ash Surface - Porcelain Clay  
Tumble-stacked Bowl
Triangle Vase 1
Tall Rectangle Vase
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Large Platter
Tumble Stacked Bottle
Tumble Stacked/Tanka Fired
Tumble Stacked Cut Vase 1
Tumble Stacked Cut Vase 2
Teapot on Tray with Reed Handle

Butter Dish
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Basket 1
Large Tumble-stacked Bottle
Tumble-stacked Oval Vessel
Slab Basket with Reed Handle
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Long Oval Container
Natural Ash Surface - Stoneware Clay


Ritual Vessel - Toro
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Bourbon Bottle Set
Large Tumble-stacked Bottle
Triangle Vase 2
Tall Bottle
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Basket 2
Tunble-stacked Bottle
Oil Can
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